Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bird Call

I have been ridiculously busy the last week, but I wanted to share a thought about putting outfits together that helps me keep my wardrobe enjoyable even though it is limited. I never try to be "matching" I try to find colors and textures that work well and communicate a feeling or is appropriate for the event or daily activities. I built an outfit on Polyvore to help me illustrate how we can find inspiration in building an outfit from pieces that may not seem to work together until they come together as a big picture. I found a beautiful art piece that was from Pinterest and used it to pull colors and shape from. A rounded handbag, soft warm tones with a cool blue and bold green make for a fun and very wearable ensemble.

Use art, pictures, and nature to inspire your choices. If you love an image, it is a giving you a great lead to follow because all of the hard decisions have been made in the color and shape. You just need to head to the closet and pull the pieces in those colors and find the balance.

Bird Call

Bird Call by bekzilla featuring summer tops

And don't forget the smile!